Yankunytjatjara speakers live in the north-west of South Australia. Prior to their displacement by Pitjantjatjara speakers, in about 1917, Yankunytjatjara communities inhabited the “Musgrave Ranges east of Oparinna, on Officer Creek; north to near Mount Robert, east to Everard Ranges, south to latitude 28°30” (see Tindale 1974, page 212).

Today, major Yankunytjatjara centres include Indulkana and Mimili.

A great community led resource for Yankunytjatjara language material is wapar.net.au.

A handy list of Yankunytjatjara and Pitjantjatjara (Western Desert) medical and health care terms can be found here.



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Approximate location of Yankunytjatjara

Kupapirti irrititja - Coober Pedy in the old days 2010-2011

To produce a book in the highly endangered Antikirinya variety of the Yankunytjatjara language. To record Elder Bobby Brown talking in Antikirinya about early contact, history, significant…

Oodnadata Aboriginal School

Oodnadata Aboriginal School has an Antikirinya language program for its students.

Seasons and time in Yankunytjatjara

Document knowledge about seasons and time in Yankunytjatjara/Antirinya

Anangu family language maintenance project 2010-2011

This project is based at the Ngura Wira Winkiku Indigenous Corporation in Adelaide. It aims to support the transmission of the Western Desert Pitjantytjatjara and Yankuytjatjara languages…

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