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  • MOORHOUSE, M. 1846. A vocabulary, and outline of the grammatical structure of the Murray River language : spoken by the natives of South Australia, from Wellington on the Murray, as far as the Rufus. VIEW HERE []

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  • TINDALE, Norman. n.d. 156 Maraura, Erawirung [[Vocabulary: 1 file, 12 kB, ~120 entries] [ASEDA.]]

  • TINDALE, Norman B. (Norman Barnett). c.1934 - c.1991. ‘Vocabularies: Erawirung, Jarildekald.’ [[Held at the South Australian Museum. Identifier: AA 338/7/1/6.] [Annotation: Possibly contains a few place names at most.]]

  • TINDALE, Norman B. (Norman Barnett). c.1931 - c.1991. ‘Vocabulary: S.E. of S. Aust., A-Ko.’ [[Held at the South Australian Museum. Identifier: AA 338/7/1/18] [Annotation: Includes cards labelled ‘Erawirung’, but language content unknown.] ]