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  • H.A.E. Meyer (c 1842-43) Meyer correspondence from Adelaide to Germany. [[In Old German.] Annotation: Correspondence in German. Translation to English has been done, it is to be published in 2005. References: Ms Page 34 comparative list of five words in Kaurna and Ngarrindjeri; Ms Page 36 names & grammar; Ms Page 42 names; Ms page 50 name; Ms Page 57 taboo names; Ms page 92 names; Ms Page 97 name of game “blekanwun”; Ms Page 98 names; Ms Page 102 names; Ms Page 119 name; Ms Page 120 names) Location: Held in the Lutheran Archives (not available on-line0.]

  • Meyer, H.A.E. (1843) Vocabulary of the language spoken by the Aborigines of the southern and eastern portions of the settled districts of South Australia, preceded by a grammar. VIEW HERE [Adelaide, James Allen. [Facsimile edition produced by State Library of South Australia in 1974]]

  • Meyer, H.E.A. (1846) ‘Manners and customs of the Aborigines of the Encounter Bay tribe; South Australia’ VIEW HERE [Adelaide, George Dehane. In JD Woods Ed. 1879 Native Tribes of South Australia. Adelaide, ES Wigg & Son. Facsimile edition printed in 1963 by Libraries Board of South Australia]]

  • Meyer, H.A.E. (1844) The original inhabitants of South Australia report. [[In Old German.] Annotation: Report in German back to Dresden Missionary Society. Has been partly translated from German to English in 1993 by Marcus Krieg. (Very similar content to correspondence) Location: Held in the Lutheran Archives (not available on-line).]

  • Radcliffe-Brown, A. R. (1918 & 1923) “Notes on the social organization of Australian tribes,” Royal Anthropological Institute, Journal, 48, pp222-253; 53, pp424-447 [Annotation: Definitions of terms used in article; approximate positions of tribes shown on sketch maps; pp.225-241; Yaralde - name of both tribe & language, Tanganalun, legend of origin of Yaralde, clans and totems listed, local organization, population, relationship system and terms; betrothal and marriage arrangements; pp.241-242; Tanganalun clans & totems listed; pp.242-250; Notes on clans of Koraulun, Portaulun, Ngaraltu, Nganguruku (with details and terms of relationship), Ngaiyau, Nauait, ]

  • Sweetman, R. T. (1988) [1928], “Aborigines of the Encounter Bay area : reminiscences of R.T. Sweetman”, Anthropological Society of South Australia Journal, 26.7, pp3-5. VIEW HERE [Annotation: Extracts of reminiscences of R.T. Sweetman, pioneering in Encounter Bay region, reprinted from the Register, March 1928; observations of Yerringeri (Narrinjeri) life, mid-19th century; short list of local place names in Narrinjeri language.Location: Journal held in the Barr Smith Library and the State Library of SA]

  • Wyatt, W. (1879) “Some Account of the Manners and Superstitions of the Adelaide and Encounter Bay Aboriginal Tribes with a Vocabulary of the Languages, Names of Persons and Places etc”. & “Vocabulary of the Adelaide and Encounter bay Tribes: with a few words of that of Rapid Bay.” In J.D. Woods Ed. 1879. The Native tribes of South Australia. Adelaide, E.S.Wigg & son. pp.157-168 & pp169-182. [[Facsimile edition printed in 1997 in Adelaide by the Friends of the State library of SA], Annotation: Original manuscript by Wyatt, with corrections, is held in the Barr Smith Library Special Collections, University of Adelaide. Account of the customs of the people of the Adelaide and Encounter Bay region, including accounts of language taboos, ‘mythology’ and ‘superstitions’. The vocabulary includes predominantly words from the Kaurna language with a few men’s names from the Ramindjeri of Enco]