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  • FULFORD, F.W. 1886. List No. 85 – North-West Bend of the River Murray. In Curr, E.M. The Australian race: its origin, languages, customs, place of landing in Australia and the routes by which it spread itself over that continent. Melbourne. Government Printer: Vol. 2, pp. 278-279. VIEW HERE [[Annotation: Radcliffe-Brown (1918, p.247) notes this may be Nauait.] [This material is available at the State Library of South Australia, Barr Smith and other libraries in Adelaide.]]

  • TINDALE, Norman B. (Norman Barnett), (1900-1993). c.1931 - c.1991. ‘Vocabularies M-P.’ [Held at the South Australian Museum. Identifier: Identifier: AA 338/7/1/19 [Annotation: Includes a ‘Ngawait’ section; extent of language content unknown.]]

  • TINDALE, Norman B. (Norman Barnett). c.1924 - c.1991. ‘Place Names: S.E. of S. Australia for Geographical Names Board, Adelaide.’ [Held at the South Australian Museum. Identifier: AA 338/7/1/43 [Annotation: Only four places at most.]]