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  • Kilampa wura kaani: the galah and the frill neck lizard

    JONES, Elsie Rose, (1917-). 1978. / told by Elsie Jones: illustrated by Cecil Whyman: [in] Paakantji. Wilcannia, N.S.W.: Schools Commission

  • Paakantji alphabet book

    JONES, Elsie Rose. 1981. / by Elsie Jones; illustrated by Mark Quale, Tim Whyman. [Variant title: Paakantji alphabet]. Dubbo: Disadvantaged

  • My body: Yunpurru parnti

    JONES, Elsie Rose. 1982. / illus. by T. Whyman: in Paakantji. Wilcannia, NSW: Wilcannia Central School. [Language: Southern Paakantyi.]

  • The story of the falling star

    JONES, Elsie Rose. 1989. / told by Elsie Jones. Canberra: Aboriginal Studies Press. [Annotation: For children; Paakantji mythology; language