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  • Kaurna Alphabet Book

    WATKINS, Cherie Warrara, with GALE, Mary-Anne. 2006.

  • Kaurna language & language ecology: tape transcripts (a series of Kaurna lessons with accompanying tapes) recorded by Rob Amery, Cherie Watkins & Lester Rigney.

    AMERY, Rob; WATKINS, Cherie & RIGNEY, Lester. 1997. Adelaide, S. Aust., University of Adelaide, Linguistics, 1997. This material is available at the Flinders University Library, without the tapes.

  • Kaurna Paltinna: a Kaurna Song Book.

    SCHULTZ, Chester, VARCOE, Nelson & AMERY Rob (eds). 1999. Elizabeth, SA, Kaurna Plains School. A book and accompanying tape of 25 Kaurna songs produced in collaboration with SCHULTZ, Chester; VARCOE, Nelson; WATKINS, Cherie; AMERY, Rob

  • Kaurna Palti Wonga: Kaurna Funeral Protocols

    Amery, Rob & KWP, 2006

  • Kulurru Marni Ngataitya! Sounds Good to me! Kaurna Learners' Guide

    Amery, Rob & KWP, Forthcoming.

  • Kaurna Names & Places.

    ADELAIDE CITY COUNCIL. 2005. Access: http://www.adelaidecitycouncil.com/recsite/sig_sites.htm

  • Maikoko Birko.

    AMERY, Rob. 1994. Norwood, SA, Omnibus Books. Kaurna translation of Tucker's Mob, a children's story written by Christobel Mattingley. Available at the State Library of South Australia

  • ‘Wai Yerlitta! But Dad!’

    VARCOE, Nelson. 1990. Self-published booklet, Adelaide.

  • Wakwako.

    ABORIGINAL RESOURCE & MANAGEMENT SUPPORT UNIT. 2004.Angle Park, SA, Network SA Resource, Advisory & Management Services. Wakwako means ‘child’ in Kaurna. Features basic Kaurna language and stories to use with children. A4 Colour. Available at Uni SA library and other libraries in Adelaide

  • Warrabarna Kaurna!: reclaiming an Australian language.

    AMERY, Rob. 2000. Lisse, The Netherlans: Swets & Zeitlinger. This is a published version of Amery’s PhD. Available at the State Library of South Australia, Barr Smith and other libraries in Adelaide.

  • 0692 Kaurna Sentences. - HyperCard stack of 10 sentences from Teichelmann & Schürmann (1840) The Aboriginal Language of South Australia with added speech.

    AMERY, Rob & VARCOE, Snooky. ASEDA Electronic Data base