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  • A Draft Grammar of Adnyamathanha

    Bernard Schebeck, 1998. Port Augusta

  • Adnyamathanha CD-Rom

    DECS/ Adnyamathanha Community. 2005. Adelaide. Department of Education and Children’s Services.

  • Adnyamathanha Handbook

    DECS/ Adnyamathanha Community. 2005. Adelaide: Department of Education and Children’s Services.

  • Adnyamathanha Ngawarla

    Lily Neville, 2007. Contains labeled drawings and word lists by the author.

  • Adna-mat-na English Dictionary

    John McEntree & Pearl McKenzie, 1992

  • An Atnyamathanha - English "Research Dictionary"

    Bernhard Schebeck, 2000.

  • Flinders Ranges Dreaming

    Dorothy Tunbridge, 1988

  • The Story of the Flinders Ranges Mammals

    Dorothy Tunbridge, 1991

  • Ngarlpurla: Adnyamathanha years R to 10: a teaching framework for revival and second language learning in years reception to ten

    DECS. 2004. Adelaide. Dept. of Education and Children's Services. [This material is available at the State Library of South Australia and other libraries in Adelaide.]

  • Wadu Matyidi

    2010. Animation DVD