Lower Arrernte

Lower Arrernte is a language traditionally spoken in the area between present day Oodnadatta (SA) and Apatula (Finke, NT). Neighbouring languages include Arabana, Wangkangurru and Western Desert languages.

Lower  Arrernte is a highly endangered language variety that is spoken daily by very few people.
Lower Arrernte is part of the Arandic language family, and has sometimes been referred to as Arrernt Imarnt (‘Arrernte Imarnte’).

Lower Southern Arrernte was first recorded by F.J Gillen in his 1875 diary, and appears briefly in various other historical sources since then. More recently Gavan Breen has worked with speakers of the Lower Arrernte in the nineties and 2002.

There are no current published sources available for Lower Arrernte.


Alenyerntarrpe (uncomplimentary name given by northern dialects), Alinta, Arinta, Arrernt Imarnt [meaning ‘solid /strong Arrernte’], Arrernt Imernt, Lower Arrernte, Lower Aranda, Aranda Lower Southern.

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We apologise, there is no information available at this time

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