Kokatha country covers a large area in the west of the state of South Australia.

It lies south of the Yankunytjatjara language, west of the Barngarla language and north of the Wirangu language.

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Baduwonga, Ba:du wongga, Cocotah, Cocotha, Cookutta, Geebera (eastern term), Gogada, Gogoda, Gugada, Kakarrura (as 'karkurera' means 'east'; applied apparently to the group west of Lake Torrens), Keibara (i.e., 'plain turkeys' - a derisive term), Kikataja, Kokata (used by SIL), Kokata east, Kokatha (used by AIATSIS), Kokita, Kokitta, Koocatho, Koogatho, Koogathoo, Koogurda, Kookata, Kookatha, Kotita, Kotit-ta, Ku-gurda, Kugurda, Ku:gurda wongga (wongga = ‘speech’), Kugurda wongga, Kukata, Kukataja, Kukatha, Kukada, Madutara (An-takirinja term), Madu-wonga (Arabana, also Yankunytjatjara / Jangkundjara term), Marduwonga (by Arabana), Matuntara, Nganitjiddia, Nganitjidi, Nganitjini ('those who sneak and kill by night,' a derogatory name applied by Nauo and Pangkala), Wanggamadu, Wanggamardu, Wongamardu, Yallingarra (based on cardinal term 'alindjara' meaning 'east'; representing the g as dj). 

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Kokatha Teaching Materials 2005-2007

Staff at the University of Adeliade undertook this project, which was funded by DEWHA’s Maintenance of Indigenous Languages and Records (MILR) program and Cultural Strategic Initiatives…

Raising Language Awareness for West Coast Aboriginal Languages 2006-2007

This project was undertaken by Tjutjunaku Worka Tjuta Inc. and was funded by DEWHA’s Maintenance of Indigenous Languages and Records (MILR) program and Cultural Strategic Initiatives…

Co-ordination of West Coast Indigenous Languages, 2008-2009

The purpose of this project was to provide a base that ensures the participation of community members in language activities. Facilitate activities that focus on teaching and learning…

West Coast Aboriginal Languages, 2010-2011

The purpose of this project was to document and promote community use of three critically endangered Indigenous languages of the west coast of South Australia - Kokatha (Gugada), Mirning,…

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Kokatha Mula Nations Land Council
35 Flinders Terrace
Port Augusta 5700

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