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Wangkangurru people had frequent contact with other groups through trade and ceremonies. The most important trade and ceremonial links were those relating to the red ochre mine at Parachilna in the Flinders Ranges. Grinding dishes were imported from the grindstone quarry near Sunny Creek (on Anna Creek Station) due to a lack of stone in the desert. Pituri, also known as native tobacco, was imported from the Mulligan River and other distant locations. Wangkangurru people living in the Simpson Desert were the last group of Lake Eyre Basin people to have contact with Europeans.

Today, Wangkangurru people are associated with a number of areas in North-East South Australia including Alton Downs, Andrewilla, Karlamurina, Killalpaninna Mission, Marree, Wood Duck Peake Telegraph Station and Dalhousie Springs, as well as other regions including Birdsville (Queensland).