Tanganikald or Tangani is one of the many dialects of the Ngarrindjeri language of the Ngarrindjeri nation. Ngarrindjeri land lies on the lower reaches of the Murray River, Lakes and Coorong region.

Tanganikald is the southern most group, and its country lies along the long stretch of the Coorong, and runs as far south as the township of Kingston SE.

Geographical locations that are often associated to this group include: the Coorong region; towns such as Kingston SE and Meningie; Salt Creek; Ten Miles Point (Taratap) etc.

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Danganalun, Danganegald, Dangani, Milmain-jeri, Milmendura, Milmenrura people, Polenjunga, Taloinjunga, Tanganekald (= Tangane + -kald ‘language’), Tangane, Tangani, Tangalun, Tanganalun, Tanganarin, Tenggi (Potaruwutj term, actually for Coorong itself), Tenkinyra, Thunga, Thungah, Tunga, Wattatonga (name used by the Bunganditj, literally 'men of the evening' because they live to the west).

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