Register of Resource People

Emeritus Professor Peter Mühlhäusler

Emeritus Professor Peter Mühlhäusler MA (Oxon, FASSA) is the Foundation Professor of Linguistics at the University of Adelaide. He is an internationally acknowledged expert in the theory and practice of language planning and language revival and has worked extensively with speakers of endangered languages (including Pidgin and Creoles) in Australia, Europe and the Pacific. His current activities include collaboration with speakers of the languages of the Far West Coast and Flinders Ranges of South Australia, the revival of the Norf’k language of Norfolk Island (South Pacific) and his own language, Alemannic, spoken by the first nation inhabitants of the Black Forest. He is currently MLT Manager.

Professor Peter Mühlhäusler
Rm 911 Napier Building
University of Adelaide

Ph: 08 83133138

Lynette Ackland

Lynette Ackland, Coordinator, Far West Languages Centre
Phone 08 8625 3785
Lynette Ackland is the coordinator of the Language Centre that services work on the Wirangu, Gugada (Kokatha) and Mirning languages of the west coast of SA.

Dr Rob Amery

Dr. Rob Amery, University of Adelaide
Rm 910 Napier Building. University of Adelaide. Phone 08 83133924
Rob Amery is Head of Linguistics at University of Adelaide. He specialises in the revival of languages, particularly the Kaurna language of the Adelaide Plains. Rob also convenes the Kaurna Warra Pintyandi group who offer advice in and about the Kaurna language (eg place naming).

Guy Tunstil

Guy Tunstill, Curriculum Manager, Aboriginal Languages R-12, Department of Educations and Children’s Services (DECS)
Flinders Street, Adelaide. Phone 08 82262838
Guy is the Aboriginal Languages Projects Officer for the Department of Education and Children’s Services in South Australia. He works for the Curriculum Branch of DECS, and administers the Aboriginal Languages Program Initiative (ALPI) grants each year that provides money for teaching Aboriginal languages in SA schools.