Useful Publications

  • Australia’s Indigenous Languages

    Senior Secondary Assessment Board of South Australia, 1996.

    This book was written as a textbook for students studying an Aboriginal language in secondary schools in SA and the NT. It provides a basic overview of the many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages of Australia, and discusses important social and cultural understandings about language. It also discusses Aboriginal English and creoles. The book is easy to read, is full of eye-catching coloured photos and has many language examples that help explain the technical linguistic points being made in the text. It was jointly published by SSABSA (now the SACE Board) and Wakefield Press. It is available at the Wakefield Press bookshop, or through any other good bookshop.

  • Australian Aboriginal Grammar

    Barry Blake

     This book from 1987 explains important characteriestics of the grammars Aboriginal languages and gives examples from several languages spoken in South Australia.

  • Deadly Ways to Learn

    Deadly Ways to Learn project

    A collection of two-way bidialectal teaching strategies and Anecdotes about Language, Culture, Identity and Power from the Deadly Ways to Learn project.  This project was conducted jointly by the Education Department of Western Australia, the Catholic Education Office of Western Australia and the Association of Independent Schools of Western Australia.

  • Dying Words - Endangered Languages and What They Have To Tell Us

    Nicholas Evans

    This book discusses the loss of langauges world-wide, and recounts the experiences of speakers of these languages and those who work with them. The Author is a Linguist who has studied Australian languages for many years. 

  • Guide to community Protocols For Indigenous Language Projects

    FATSIL, 2004

  • Language in Native Title

    John Henderson & David Nash (Eds.)

     Published by AIATSIS in 2002, Language in Native Title explores how language is used as evidence in Native Title claims and gives examples
    from past cases.

  • The green book of language revitalization in practice

    Ed. Leanne Hinton, Kenneth Locke Hale

    The green book of language revitalization in practice contains chapters by experts in the field of language endangerment from around the world. It contains descriptions of approaches and actual projects and lots of practical suggestions for using in your community.