Ms. Karina Lester

Aboriginal Co-Manager & Language Worker
Phone: 08-83130707

Karina is a Yankunytjatjara Anangu woman who grew up on the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytja-tjara Lands (APY Lands) in the Far North West of South Australia.  In her spare time she works as an Anangu Interpreter and Translator for the Western Desert Language that covers a large area of the State.  Karina is very passionate about maintaining her Aboriginal Language and about hearing from other South Australian Aboriginal people on how they would like to maintain their languages. Karina hosts a weekly radio show Nganampa Wangka which talks about language activities in the state. Tune into Radio Adelaide on 101.5fm Fridays 2 – 3 pm.

Dr Paul Monaghan

Manager & Senior Linguist
Phone: 08-83130790

Paul is a foundational member of the MLT and has worked on a wide range of language and culture documentation and revitalisation projects in Australia and overseas. He has significant experience providing expert linguistic anthropological opinion in Native Title matters and performing social analysis in Aboriginal communities. His current focus is on the Far North region of South Australia, incuding the Yankunytjatjara, Lower Arrernte, Arabana, and Wangkangurru languages.

Mr Clayton Cruse

Aboriginal Language Worker
Phone: 08-83130186

Clayton is an Adnyamathanha man from Port Augusta, who has worked with young Aboriginal people in a number of roles for over a decade. Clayton is passionate about history from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives, and the embedding of these perspectives in all years of education (Primary through to tertiary). Clayton has a Bachelor of Education Degree (Secondary; Aboriginal Studies) from the University of Sydney, and has a keen interest in bilingual and language immersion education as a means of increasing Indigenous student attendance and retention in all levels of schooling, as well as increasing speakers of endangered languages.

Celeste Humphris

Consultant Linguist
Phone: 08-83132548

Celeste holds a BA in Linguistics from the University of Adelaide. Celeste works closely with several communities across the state, developing and implementing language revitalisation and documentation projects. 
Celeste also has experience in anthropology and Native Title.

Emeritus Professor Peter Mühlhäusler

Emeritus Professor of Linguistics 

University of Adelaide Senior Linguist and consultant, Mobile Language Team
Phone: 08-83130707

Professor Mülhäusler is one of the leading theorists in the field of language revival and has pioneered an ecological approach to language maintenance and revival. He has been a supervisor and fieldworker on more than twenty projects in Australia and internationally and has worked closely with three Thura-Yura communities in the recent past (Wirangu, Nukunu, Adnyamathanha).

Eleanor McCall

Project Linguist
Phone: 08-83132548

Eleanor completed a BA in Linguistics and Mandarin Chinese at the University of Adelaide, and subsequently undertook minority language documentation work in Jiangxi province, China. She has also completed postgraduate study in Community Development administration. Eleanor currently works to develop language learning resources and databases in her role with the Mobile Language Team.