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Wirangu people honour Dr Luise Hercus in Canberra

Two Wirangu people travelled to Canberra in May 2012 to undertake archival research training at AIATSIS, provided by Dr Paul Monaghan (MLT), and to meet Luise Hercus. This trip was sponsored by the Mobile Langauge Team and the Far West Languages Centre. Luise began salvage linguistic research in South Australia in the mid-1960s and in the 1990s conducted research among the last Wirangu speakers in the Ceduna Region. Estelle Miller (Manager, Far West Language Centre) Leonard Miller (MLT consultant) and Gavin Peel (Gugada Language & Culture consultant) presented flowers, carved wooden artifacts and a certificate of appreciation to Luise in recognition of her efforts in documenting their language and in providing a key resource for language revival activities.