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Monday Meet-Ups in Pt Augusta

Monday Meet-Ups' is an initiative of the Mobile Language Team which was held in Pt Augusta throughout the month of October. The MLT travelled up from their office in Adelaide to provide opportunities for people to meet one-to-one with staff to discuss language every Monday. The Meet-Ups were a great success, with a number of people representing a range of languages coming along to have a chat. The MLT staff were able to offer relevant language resources as well as advice about how to start, or continue with, language revival work. Linguists were on hand to help with a range of fiddly language and grammar questions.

While they were there, MLT's Clayton Cruse (pictured) visited the 'Aboriginal Language Awareness' course at Pt Augusta High School in order to speak with the students about languages, and possible career paths in the language field. Thanks to their teacher Chris Warren for the invite!

The MLT were also able to facilitate a language club session for the Arabana community.

The Monday Meet-Ups will hopefully become a regular initiative in Pt Augusta, with the view to expand out to other SA towns. It is a fantastic way to meet new people who are doing great things with their languages. Stay tuned!

To find out more about the Monday Meetups email us on or give us a call on (08) 8313 0707.