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Barngarla Language Research Trip to Canberra, February 2013

The first Barngarla language research delegation to AIATSIS, Canberra, took place from 11-15 February 2013. The delegation was organized by Professor Ghil'ad Zuckermann, Chair of Linguistics and Endangered Languages, University of Adelaide, with the support of AIATSIS. The Barngarla people were able to discover more about their language heritage and to meet Dr Luise Hercus, who made some Barngarla audio recordings in the 1960s. Participants also met Professor Jane Simpson (Australian National University), who held Barngarla workshops in the early 1990s. The Barngarla group included the following participants:
Vera Richards (Port Lincoln)
Elizabeth Saunders (Port Lincoln)
Sheldon Richards (Port Lincoln)
Jayden Richards (Port Lincoln)
Dawn Taylor (Whyalla)
Dawneen Saunders (Whyalla)
Jeanita Taylor (Whyalla)
Malika Carter (Whyalla)
Linda Dare (Port Augusta)
Steve Atkinson (Port Augusta)
Robert Wilton (Port Augusta)

PHOTO Barngarla research delegation to AIATSIS, Canberra with linguists Dr Luise Hercus (front) and Professor Ghil'ad Zuckermann (rear)