Aboriginal Advisory Committee

Mobile Language Team Aboriginal Advisory Committee

The School of Humanities has  established an Aboriginal Advisory Committee to provide advice reflecting community perspectives and experience from across a range of sectors. The Aboriginal Advisory Committee meets four times a year to advise on the operations of the MLT in its efforts to support South Australian Aboriginal language programs and to assist communication and networking with external partners in the field of languages.

The members

Mr Trevor Buzzacott (chair)

Mr Chris Larkin

Ms April Lawrie-Smith

Ms Lucy Lester

Mrs Verna Koolmatrie

Mr Rod O'Brien


Terms of Reference

The broad terms of reference for the Mobile Language Team Advisory Committee are:

  1. To advise the MLT in the course of its policy-setting, planning, and the selection of projects and support activities, and the chosen methodology for activities.
  2. To advise and assist with the MLT's community networking and publicity
  3. To add to the MLT's information about Aboriginal language communities' aspirations and their present actions in reviving, renewing and maintaining their languages.
  4. To mprovide further perspectives on language issues and on MLT strategies.
  5. To contribute to periodic evaluation of the MLT's work, and to advise on methodology for obtaining evaluation by Aboriginal community organisations and members.
  6. To advise the wider community of the funding opportunities for language based programs