Aboriginal Policy and Advocacy Committee

Mobile Language Team Aboriginal Policy and Advocacy Committee

The current membership of the MLT Aboriginal Policy and Advocacy Committee (MLTAPAC) stands 6 members from various backgrounds and expertise, strong and reflective of South Australian Aboriginal Language Groups along with the Dean of Indigenous Research and Education and Strategy (Professor Shane Hearn).

They are members who are Aboriginal people with a relevant community profile that provides advice to the MLT Staff. There may be up to three co-opted members who would have voting rights of the community to assist with specific projects and issues, with flexibility to cover our responsibilities to the Federal Government. Representative of external stake-holders or funding bodies will be invited to attend meetings as observers.

2017 Members

Mr Trevor Buzzacott (chair)

Mr Jared Thomas

Ms April Lawrie

Ms Lorraine Merrick

Mrs Verna Koolmatrie

Mr Rod O'Brien


Terms of Reference

The broad terms of reference for the Mobile Language Team Advisory Committee are:

1. To advise the MLT in the course of its policy setting, planning and priorities

2. To advise and assist with the MLT’s community, advocacy, networking and publicity

3. To add to the MLT's information about Aboriginal language communities’ aspirations and their present actions in reviving, renewing and maintaining their languages

4. To contribute to periodic evaluation of the MLT’s work, and to advise on methodology for obtaining evaluation by Aboriginal community organisations and members